Sunday, April 29, 2012

Looking for a vintage clothing store!

I have been on the search for an authentic vintage clothing store in South Florida. As I waited for my last final of the semester to be handed out (the dreaded statistics exam), I quickly searched on my phone for local vintage shops. The first link that comes up for the Boca Raton area...American Apparel. That's a joke, right?
Well, I kept scrolling and finally found what I thought was the end of my hunt: House of Vintage Boutique in Delray Beach, Florida. This whimsical "home turned shop" sounded and looked like the place to go for vintage fashion. users gave this quirky shop 5 star ratings!

Proud of my findings, I put my phone away and began my test. Well my friends, the test went great, but my vintage treasure hunt failed miserably. House of Vintage is officially closed!

I am looking for some unique vintage t-shirts, any suggestions? Whether it be in South Florida or online, I would definitely appreciate your thoughts.

Love always,

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