Monday, June 18, 2012

The Anatomie of Life

Anatomie, Anatomie, Anatomie! 

(I promise I do not have a spelling problem)

I have been very fortunate to experience the infamous "aha" moment this summer. All these years of wondering and experimenting are starting to mold into something very exciting! And it is moments like these that make you realize that everything happens for a reason, agreed?

Ballet...Fashion and Ballet...Ballet...Fashion and Marketing

So just to give you a quick little summary of my life:

Dance Dance Dance!
I started dancing ballet when I was about six-years-old, and throughout the years I developed a tremendous passion for this art. By the time I was done with the seemingly-endless high school years, I was 100% convinced that this was exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to major in ballet in college with the hopes of joining a professional company. I also wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry, but quickly decided to let that go and focus solely on my dancing career (with a double major in business...just in case!)

A Dancer's Reality

After a year of majoring as a ballet dancer at Texas Christian University....reality decided to stop by.

Reality- "Oh hey, you might want to reconsider what you've been strenuously working for as a dancer    because it will not give you back the $40K you are spending annually on school right now...."

Me- "Crap."

So, with a heavy heart, I decided to stop pursuing dance as a career. Thank God for my double major! Luckily, I was still on track for a business career. So, I moved back home to Florida and searched for a new passion.

I knew that the only way I could make a business degree interesting would be to incorporate fashion in to it. So I was on the hunt for a "fashion marketing" internship! This search made me realize that personal websites REALLY boost your resume (hint hint). What I had yet to realize was my love for writing; school pretty much sucks the fun right out of it. I knew that writing came easy to me, and I soon realized that writing about things I love is actually really fun. Hence, the start of "Love Always Mini" (hooray!!!)


With my resume complete, I continued the search for my first real job experience. Fortunately, I was able to land an internship at an amazing clothing company called Anatomie. They make some really chic travel and sportswear clothes for women. Anatomie has given me the opportunity to mesh the things I love: writing, fashion, and marketing! I have been working with the amazing Mark Fox (author of the book, Da Vinci and the 40 Answers, mentioned in my "Let's Mesh the Left and Right" article) to boost Anatomie's Google presence. Check out the articles I have written for them HERE!

Anatomie's clothes are seriously awesome. They are so functional for women who just don't have the time to change their outfits to fit the day's activities. Anatomie pants, for example, are comfortable enough to be worn to Pilates class, and are sophisticated enough to serve as business meeting pants. I mean, that's awesome right?

Not to mention, Anatomie's clothes are made from high-end European fabrics that do not wrinkle, shrink, or fade. (And are all machine washable making your life that much easier) Their clothes are so light weight that Anatomie customers can pack a week's worth of clothes in a carry on. Yes. That is correct. Simply put, Anatomie gives you designer wear that you can ACTUALLY wear! These clothes will last you a lifetime, so stop wasting your time and start shopping! Click below to check out their latest arrivals:

Travel Clothes for Women

So to sum things up, everything happens for a reason. Ballet led me to business, which led me to fashion, which led me to writing, which led me to Anatomie, which will lead me to....who knows? I'll keep you updated!

I hope you've enjoyed this article everyone! Now you know a little bit more about Mini's past and future :)

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Love always,

P.S. Happy late Father's Day! Hope your dads enjoyed their gifts! Any Mini gifting?

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  1. Wonderful story...Congratulations I look forward to hearing your progress. Keep us up to date. Anatomie rocks!!!!