Monday, June 4, 2012

The Daddy Countdown

The best dad from the start!
If June 17th doesn't sound familiar to you then get with it kiddos! Father's Day is 13 days away, and in my opinion, Father's Day gifts are some of the most difficult to buy. But don't you worry because Mini is here to help :) I am about to take your usual go-to daddy gifts to another get the credit cards ready!

Ok so let me guess: watches, ties, grilling equipment, and the like. Yes, we are all culprits of the BORING Father's Day gifts. "No no you don't have to get me anything this year, just your love!".....mmmhmm. Of course, when you do get them a really awesome gift they go nuts and play with their "toys" all day. (They're all the same!) So don't fall for the usual love fest shenanigans your dads are claiming to want...get them one of these incredibly unique Father's Day gifts.

Let's Update the Dad Wrists!

The perfect Father's Day gift
Nooka Watches
It's about time! Watches needed a little face lift don't you think? These super modern Nooka watches might take your dad out of his element...but there's nothing like it! You tell time through bars and a code (James Bond, anyone?) I know this may seem crazy, but we all had to learn how to tell time at one point in our lives, so why not do it again? The cool way.

He will learn to love this new watch-telling fad. Let's face it, who actually uses their watch to tell time?? Yes, our phones have taken over in every way possible. However, this futuristic watch will upgrade your dad to the "cool kids" table. Visit the Nooka website to check out all their crazy gadgets!

Money Money Money!

Cafe Press Wallets
Are these the coolest wallets or what? Make your dad want to spend money this year with one of these funny wallets from Cafe Press. We all grew up hearing over and over again that "Money does not grow on trees"...yeah yeah. Technically money is paper and paper come from trees (had to say it). These awesome wallets will have your dad wanting to show off, consequently he'll spend his money with a smile on his face ;)

Now, I was really looking forward to finding some tie alternatives, but we have yet to evolve in this area....after what seems like 100 years. No matter how cool your dad thinks his ties are, they are still just ties. I can't wait for men's fashion to take the leap and come up with a cool alternative that guys will ACTUALLY wear (this is why a scarf or a bow tie don't count...guys just won't do it). So I will have to skip the tie and move on to some cooler gifts!

The Sophisticated Dad Bar

Red Envelope Bar Gifts
The bar, the pub, the wine cellar. Dad's love it all! Upgrade and personalize your dad's bar collection with some great Red Envelope gifts. I can't even count the number of times I have gone to a restaurant with my dad where he sends back the wine to be chilled. Now, with the Ravi Instant Wine Chiller he can forget about dripping buckets of ice! Pretty cool, huh dad?

What dad doesn't love beer? Make his drinking experience even better with Personalized Beer Mugs and a Beer Holster (he can secretly pretend he's a cowboy as well). These are perfect additions to summer BBQ's and poolside days. Dad can grill with both hands free and beer at his stealing sips from this cowboy!

And of course for the whiskey lovers...get them the Whiskey Lover's Set. "The set includes six whiskey stones and two elegant sipping glasses, designed at complementary angles." Pretty fancy if you ask me! The stones chill the whiskey without diluting it as ice would do. Drinking whiskey like a boss.

I hope these ideas have sparked some creativity for Father's Day this year! You have 2 weeks to know he deserves it :) And as for you dad (aka Papi), don't think you know what you're could be anything!

Let me know your cool Father's Day ideas!

Love always,


  1. Great Ideas!!! Thank You Mini!!!!

  2. Definitely great suggestions.. I'm picking up the watch right now

  3. Love the link to the Flickr slideshow!

  4. Love them all!!!, the Beagle Dad wallet is soooo funny, you just made this year shopping so much easier.