Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Coral Days, Neon Nights

Summer is all about beaches, parties, DJs, endless nights, friends, and of course...bold fashion! Have you ever noticed that you are more willing to let yourself explore new style ideas during the summer versus the rest of the year? Everyone is carefree, and in a YOLO state of mind (as our generation likes to say)...You Only Live Once!

I have been creating outfits on an amazing website called Polyvore (click the link to see my sets...or scroll down to the bottom of Love Always, Mini to see them as well) This site has really inspired me to create summer looks for this year. It's such a great way to practice mix-matching skills...and, much like Pinterest, the pictures link to the websites where you can buy them. BEWARE ONLINE SHOPPERS! ;)

So, as I was creating outfits on Polyvore, I realized that summer needs several go-to outfits: beach, shopping, classy nights, and crazy nights. That is what summer is all about! Now, I want to give you some ideas to inspire you to create your Summer 2012 Go-To Outfits.

1. Beach Days
Camilla Waterfall Cover Up, OndadeMar Cover Up, Fringe Top, Rio Push Up Twist Top,  Tavik Shiny Top
This summer make sure you go for fringe, tangerine or coral, metallics, and lace! Don't be shy when it comes to bathing suits. This is your time to shine, and why not doing it at a beautiful beach? Get creative and push yourself out of your comfort zone...everyone will love it.

2. Shopping (a Polyvore outfit I created)
Nine West Bag, Whistles Cardigan, White Studded Bra Top, Kari Maxi Skirt
Here is another rendition of the bra top trend. Again, paired with a maxi skirt and a gold cardigan (malls tend to be freezing in the summer) to create a sophisticated, yet casual summer look. Add another pop of color with a cross-body purse! Everyone will be jealous of this look, I promise.

3. Classy Nights
Neon Blouse, Zara Pink Pants, Aldo Wedges, Gorjana Leather Bracelet
As for classy summer nights such as dates, movies, dinners, or girls night out you will need a pastel, a neon, and some neutrals. Summer 2012 is all about pastels, which is why these Zara silk pants are perfect for this look. Add a boost to your outfit with some neon and bring it all together with the neutral accessories. Wood platform wedges and wrap bracelets are a must for this season, so get going!

4. Crazy Nights
Tribal Shorts, F21 Cropped Tees, Turquoise Vintage Cut Offs, Neon Bracelet, Barbie Tee
The category you ravers have been waiting for! DJs are making their rounds this summer in clubs, music festivals, and concerts. Wondering what to wear on these nights? Your must-haves are cropped graphic tees, high-waisted vintage shorts, tribal patters, and of course NEON! This is definitely the look you want when going to events like these because they are stylish but comfortable for all the crazy dancing and bass dropping you'll be doing ;)

I hope these outfit ideas have sparked creativeness for summer days to come. Just remember coral by day, neon by night! You can't go wrong with that!

Any crazy summer plans? Let me know!

Love always,


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    1. Thank you! I love your blog by the way :) Do you have any suggestions for mine?

      and P.S. Mi primo vive en Barcelona tambien!