Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mini Packing

If any of you are going on summer vacations this year and have limited luggage space, follow these tips. You will look trendy and chic regardless of what crazy adventure you embark (and you won't have to lug around a 500 pound suitcase for those of you that pack four outfits per day, just in case).

The first step is picking out OUTFITS. If you only pick tops and bottoms that you think you will "need", you will end up bringing your entire wardrobe because you will find a "what if" excuse for every piece of clothing you own.

Pick outfits that can be interchangeable with others. In other words, bring some neutral pieces that you can mix and max. Also, make sure you bring some cardigans for nights out on the town! Movie theaters, restaurants, and shops always love to freeze their clients.

As for shoes...I know you want to bring them all! But if you are trying to be an efficient packer bring the following:

  1. A pair of sneakers or boat shoes (Sperry's are perfect because they are casual enough but not running shoes)
  2. A pair of flats (Steve Madden has several neutral colors that will match every outfit)
  3. A pair of heels or wedges (depending on the events or activities you will be attending)
  4. A pair of sandals (perfect for dinners or shopping days)

Don't forget your jewelry as well! You can easily change a day outfit to a night outfit by simply changing your jewelry.

I hope these tips will ease the stress of packing for any upcoming vacations! Post pictures of your favorite vacation shoes!

Love always,


  1. Good tips!!!!. I'll give it a try for my next trip, thanks! :)

  2. Always need a cardigan!