Monday, May 7, 2012

What Have You Been Pinning?


Have you heard your friends talk about what they're pinning lately? I know I have! Pinterest has become one of the newest trends, surpassing Facebook in social commerce. According to Business of Fashion, Pinterest users "buy and spend more than their Facebook counterparts".

For those of you who are not familiar with this site, is where people go to basically organize their life into virtual pin boards. Still confused? Well, to give you an example, my Pinterest page has Fashion, Food, Hair and Makeup, Things I love, Music, Puppies, and Christmas List boards. Whenever I find something that I like online, such as clothes or recipes, I hit my "Pin It" button and it saves the link onto my boards.

The Pinterest site itself is a great way to find all the things you love. The website is organized into categories: women's fashion, food and drinks, my life, hair and beauty, travel, art, etc. Here is where you wander off looking through some great pictures. Before you know it you've spent at least an hour "pinning". It is quite addicting so you might want to wait for summer vacations to've been warned! And make sure your bank account is ready for this because every photograph or picture of clothes you see on Pinterest is a link to the website where you can buy the piece. So be prepared!

Another cool feature of this site is it's connection to Facebook. You can follow your friends and see what they've been pinning. You can also "repin" their pins onto your boards! You can see this as a way to get to know your friends better...or an easy way of buying birthday presents.

I invite you to look at and follow my Pinterest page HERE. This is truly a fun way to organize the things you love. And it is also a great way to learn about yourself...and your friends!

Happy Pinning everyone! Send me links to your pages...I'd love to repin your pins.

Love always,

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