Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dressing Up Your Ken

"Mom I want a new dress for Barbie!"

Remember the joys of playing with your Barbies when you were a little girl? The dresses, the houses, the pink Jeeps...and the song!

"I'm a Barbie Girl, In a Barbie World
Life in plastic, It's fantastic
You can brush my hair, Undress me everywhere
Imagination, Life is your creation"

(Yes, I love this song...even thought the "undress me" part is a little strange now that I think about it)
Barbies allowed us girly girls to create a fantasy fashion world. But poor Ken never got the attention he deserved. It's not too late to fix this ladies! What the heck am I talking about??

Let's dress up your real-life Kens! (Yes, that guy you love who doesn't think twice about matching). I know it might seem hard to get your man to dress with more style.

"No, that looks stupid"
"No, the guys will make fun of me"
"No, that looks retarded"

We've heard it all. But here are some tips and tricks to introduce some fashionable trends to your man's wardrobe. And for my single girls, this works perfectly well for stubborn fathers and brothers too.

Step 1: Pop of color
From left to right: Zara Cargo Bermudas, Nixon Watch, Blue Express Shorts, Green Zara Slim Trousers
Guys are many times scared of buying colorful pieces simply because they don't know how to wear them. They look at green pants and think "I would NEVER wear this!" But when you pair them with a neutral shirt, they don't look as "crazy" as they think. If you want to start off small, buy him a colorful watch or wallet. They won't feel as bombarded with awesome fashion ;)

Step 2: Graphic tees and slim fit blazers
From top left to bottom right: Penguin T-shirt, Men's Red Slim Blazer, Marc Ecko T-shirts,  Lucky Brand T-shirt, Gap T-shirt, Zara Blazer, Express Blazer & Tee
Guys can look stylish by simply pairing a slim-fit blazer with a graphic tee. This combination is a casual yet put together look for your favorite guy. They might be hesitant at first, but just MAKE THEM TRY IT ON! I can guarantee they will will love the combination (and they will feel really cool, obviously).

Step 3: Shoes, Shoes, and more Shoes
From top right to bottom left: John Varvatos Wood Brown, Puma Grey, Sperry Navigator Venetian, Asam Loafer ,  Shippee Sneakers, Kickers 'Citecool' Oxford, Creative Recreation Cesario Gray, Creative Recreation Cesario Indigo

Shoes are a great way for men to express themselves and show some creativity. Many times, guys wear the same shoes over and over again because they don't consider them an important part of an outfit. Open him up to unique shoes and sneakers that can add sophistication and edge to their wardrobe. Soon they will become shoe addicts like the rest of us...I promise!

All you have to do is get him some pieces that will spice up his closet. Show him how to wear them, and compliment him a lot! They will soon realize that you are always...and will begin to branch out in the clothing department.

What piece will you use to introduce your man to the world of fashion? Have fun shopping for your Kens my Barbies!

Love always,


  1. My wife just sent me your she telling me that I don't know how to dress?... oh well, let me tell you that you are right, I always think: who the hell would wear that?...but I have to be clear, I'm not 6 ft tall and slim like the guys on your photos...
    I will follow your rules and will get back to you with the feedback (my wife's)...thank you!!!

    1. Try colorful shorts :) can't go wrong with that!