Friday, May 11, 2012

Rainy Days, Rainy Measures

Hello Spring Showers!

I know most of us are experiencing some endless rainy days in the month of May. But rather than mope around, let's talk about rainy fashion shall we? Jackets, boots, and umbrellas galore! Don't let the rain drag you down to your sweats, you can very easily look fashionable on gloomy days.

By simply adding some key pieces with eye-catching colors, you will look and feel brighter. You can start off by finding a raincoat that fits your style. For those of us in the hot South, try see-through jackets with a pattern. This will cover you from the rain in a way that fits with the humid weather. For those of you experiencing chillier rains up North, try bright trench coats! These are a great staple to have because they acts as both a raincoat and a windbreaker.
The jacket on the left is Free People (Find it HERE). The jacket on the right is F21 (Find it HERE).
As for your little feet...try some colorful or patterned rain boots! Wearing these will save you from soggy sandals or sneakers when you simply can't avoid a puddle. Not to mention, it gives you an excuse to splash around like a little kid again (you know you can't resist sometimes). Make sure to practice walking in them before you go on any wet adventures because rain boots tend to be chunkier and heavier than normal shoes...this can lead to some face plants! So, take my advice and try your runway walk around your house before letting loose in the rain.
These are from Target! They have awesome boots!
Finally, you will need an umbrella...of course! I know it can seem like a hassle to carry around a wet stick everywhere, but this will save your pretty hair (deep down you care...don't lie). Since this will become your most prominent accessory, try branching out a little. There's no need to carry around a black umbrella (talk about gloomy!) Everyone will be jealous of your fabulous look if you have a fun umbrella to go with it.

These may seem like silly tips, but I know we all fall into the boring pattern on days like these. So try getting some cool rain accessories! They will brighten up your darkest days.

Post your favorite rainy day outfit!

Love always,

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