Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Runway Reality

I love to start my day by reading through some of my favorite blogs. Trends after trends take over my computer screen. But I always find myself wondering, how could I ever wear that? Sometimes, runway trends are a little ridiculous and don't fit with our day to day lives. We all deserve to be as fashion-forward as the models representing our favorite fashion brands! (Dolce & Gabbana above)

Today, I want to talk about two Spring/Summer trends for 2012 that I personally find very difficult to wear. But no worries ladies! I will provide you with links and pictures to more realistic alternatives...are you excited yet?

Trend number 1: Head to Toe Prints
Photo: Imaxtree
I know this trend look totally you walked into your closet with your eyes closed and picked out an outfit. But we have to accept it as one of the trends of the, let's make our own rendition of this! We can try to mix prints within the same color palette. This will help the outfit look more structured.
Whitney Port translates this well!
Click HERE for some great patterned skirts from Urban Outfitters
Trend number 2: Bra Tops

I don't know about you, but I feel a little overexposed wearing bra tops. These tops are literally on edge of trendy and trashy. You have to know how to wear it and pair it in order to avoid that unwanted look. To incorporate bra tops into a wearable outfit you can pair them with really high waisted jeans or maxi skirts. Also, wear a cropped blazer to add sophistication to this bold look. Below are some suggestions!

This feminine H&M bra top is very wearable

Pair the top with a Zara maxi skirt and you are set to trend!
I know as I click through pictures from runway shows, I envy the boldness of the season's trends. However, many of us wait for the trends to become "mainstream" before we start strutting them. Some runway shows can be deceiving because you forget that they are putting on a performance...everything MUST be over the top! But now you know that these trends can be easily translated into chic, everyday outfits that both you and I can wear.

If you want any more tips on creating realities out of your favorite runway shows, please feel free to comment or email me! 

Keep it bold trendsetters!

Love always,

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  1. Just got the Zara skirt!! Thanks!!