Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Is Instagram Taking Over?

What would our world be like without Facebook or Google? These websites have integrated themselves into our lives in such a way that they have become second nature to us. "Facebook me!" "Did you google that?"...make it a point to count (or at least be conscious of) the number of times you reference either of these sites. You'll find it nearly impossible to avoid it!

I read a very interesting article in Forbes Magazine yesterday about why our beloved Facebook and Google could very well disappear in the next five years. I couldn't believe it myself! But the article made some strong arguments: think about the last time you mentioned MySpace (seriously, that was like a middle school fad). Well, Forbes is saying that the same will happen to both Facebook and Google because technology is pushing forward in a way that requires some "survival of the fittest" state-of-mind.

Now, you're probably wondering how Instagram is involved. Instagram (the iPhone app that transforms average pictures into some cool, hippy-looking photographs) is embracing the direction of technology...mobile. Everything we do lately is on our phones. We talk, we search, we capture moments...all in the palm of our hands. Instagram is one of the few companies that are solely mobile; they do not have a website nor need it!

Every day more and more people are falling prey to the newest Instagram trend. I know I am! I want to keep moving forward with this world as should you. Don't be straggler, come on now.

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